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Watmore’s no.1 Mushroom Compost 50 x 40 Litre Sacks

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  • 50 x 40 Litre Sack Value Pack

  • Northwest Delivery Incl Nest Day Delivery. Select A Day Available At Checkout.

  • Premium Quality Aged Mushroom Compost

  • Adds Valuable Nutritional Goodness To Plants Naturally 

  • Breaks Up Heavy Clay & Also Improves Native Soil Structure

  • All Year Round Quality! Indoor Dry Operation.

  • PH 6.0-7

Mr Watmore’s Mushroom Compost is a premium quality garden compost, the answer to clay and heavy-based soil's as it's a blend of Manure, wheat Straw and gypsum which improves your native soil and breaks down clay-based soil's! Simply spread around planting holes when planting or use as a mulch and work into existing soil.

Did you know that mushroom compost is not composted or broken-down mushrooms, but in fact the growing medium in which mushrooms are cultivated?


  • Improves soil structure so that water, air, and energy can move freely through the soil. Good soil texture should be crumbly to the touch, not clumpy or sandy.
  • Increases nutrient content in the soil. Many of us know about soil nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, but organic matter also builds up copper, iron, zinc, and manganese.
  • Uses less water. When soil structure and texture is healthy, it retains water more efficiently, leading to less water usage (and lower water bills !)
  • Keeps plants healthy. When the soil is fertile, plants are happier. And happy plants have fewer problems with disease and pests. The healthier your plants are, the less need you have to use chemicals to treat pest and disease issues

An all round
compost that slowly release natural goodness whilst absorbing water then storing and releasing it as the plant requires.

Ideal for improving native soils can be either worked into the existing soil or used as a Mulch over borders, lawns and allotments.

Our no.1 Soil Improver Mushroom  Compost improves soil structure, helping sandy soils to retain moisture and heavy soils to drain better. This fantastic compost naturally boosts the number of beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil. All of this makes it easier for plants to take up the nutrients in the soil, allowing them to grow bigger and healthier.

Mr Watmore’s Mushroom Compost is processed and packaged in a purpose built indoor process and packaging plant where all our products are produced to maintain a consistent all year round quality guarantee dry premium product.

All our products sold online are available in our monster 1600 litre bulk bags when packaged which is probably the largest available bags online using our indoor dry operation allowing our customer to receive the Best Value For Money when it comes to volume & price! 

Northwest Delivery

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We offer discounts on bulk orders and all our products are available in bulk loads with forklift or crane offload , if you are looking for bulk loose loads we offer walking floor loads which can deliver 60-80 cubic metre per load For bulk orders use our live chat or call us today on 01928 610 013